I Will Vote Project

Graphic Designer
Austin, TX
“I Will Vote is a photography, film, and art project about the new generation of voters coming of age in Texas, who view the world in fundamentally different ways from the previous generation, and who have the potential to radically transform the political landscape in the state and the country at large. With the project, I aspire to lift up the voices of politically-engaged young people and encourage more young people to follow suit and get involved.”

- John Fiege
(Read his full artist statement)

    I worked on I Will Vote while interning with Fiege Films during the lead-up to the 2018 mid-terms. As John’s graphic designer I colloborated with him on a portrait series of youth activists integrating quotes from them about what issues mattered to them in their own words and handwriting. I additionally designed shirts, stickers, and screenprinted posters showcasing the jerrymadering of congressional districts in Texas.
You can view a selection of the portraits below and visit the original site here.