Egypt, TX

Excerpted from Mainlines, Blood Feasts and Bad Taste: A Lester Bangs Reader.

"punk is stupid proud consumerism.punk is oblivion when it isn't any fun and unlike winos you do have a choice in fact; you're young.

Punk is sitting in a half-dark room alone wishing you had values with an indifferent record playing, wanting to claw the stuffing out of the chair but feeling futility in your fingernails.Punk is hating poeticization of your condition.
Punk is vague dreams of carnage and revenge when you can barely swat a comatose fly.Punk is pointlessness.Punk is ripping up articles like this one.Punk is lacking the energy or interest to bother ripping them up.Punk is reading this article mechanically because there's nothing else to do and the words glide by like cinders.
Punk is putting on a record you love, lying down on the couch, rolling over and trying to sleep at four in the afternoon or seven at night because you want the state of twilight consciousness which is better than drugs.Punk is laziness at apogee with no apologies.Punk is saying fuck rock'n'roll.
Punk is saying fuck punk rock.Punk is passe.
Punk is just a word dug by the media.Punk is anything you do that should have consequences but either doesn't or you ignore them.Punk is a meaningless word that everybody is sick to death of purporting to represent a state of mind and lifestyle which while not being very complex cannot be reduced any further than it has been already in incohoate preverbal practice.Punk is something worth destroying posthaste."

- Lester Bangs for “New Wave” 

The Debate

When tasked to typeset and layout a debate between Wim Crouwel and Jan Van Toorn on Modernist/Post Modernist design and the role of a graphic designer, I opted to take a decidedly post modern approach. Drawing from the infamous incident of David Carson setting a boring interview with Bryan Ferry entirely in windings
Los Angeles, CA