Music Videos

Director, Editor | 1st AC
Austin, TX | Los Angeles, CA
2020 | 2023

The first three projects are a series of colloborations with Austin-based multi-instrumentalist John Morgan for his project Quiet Hours. The 4th project is larger in scale but one I had a smaller role on. It was directed by Russell Reed for LA-based rapper Neek.

Quiet Hours - My Keys

Bringing old celluloid to life.

Scanned 35mm film shot in San Antonio,TX.

Animated in After Effects and Premiere.

Quiet Hours -  Say What U Mean

Jacob Collier type beat.

One man crew. Shot on a Sony A6500 w/ a 50mm lens at John’s old place off South Congress.
Video edited in Premiere, animation created in Flash.


Quiet Hours - Peace of Mind

Digging for footage in the garage.

Datamoshed Hi-8 tape footage.

Video edited in Premiere and Avidemax.

Toyota Tales

Playing with rigs and running around LA.

I was 1st Assistant Camera and helped location scout for this project.