Blog Post #1: Wellington Management

  During my second week with Razorfish I was invited to come on a production shoot for Wellington Management in Boston, MA. One of the junior art directors working on the project was unable to go so I was lucky enough to go in his place. We did both a photoshoot and a video shoot. Coming from a film background education-wise, when I’ve been on set before it’s typically been in a direct production-side role so it was really interesting seeing things from the agency side. Following this shoot I’ve helped pick through selects and put together rough comps like those pictured on the left. I also put together rough animations and storyboards to guide our motion animator for assets intended for the client’s landing page

Blog Post #2: TMobile

    One of the main projects I worked on over the summer was concepting a 3D billboard for T-Mobile’s flagship store in Time Square, NYC. I worked under Ryan Harvey a creative director at Razorfish who helped guide my ideas and mockups from rough sketches all the way to the final client pitch deck.

My final was a intervention highlighting TMobile’s “Netflix On Us” deal with a crosspromotional 3D billboard. In this example I used the demogorgon from Netflix’s smash hit Stranger Things. A phone would spin out and animate before the creature climbs out of the phone and then “breaks out” of the screen before climbing across the full display and into adjascent advertisements, an unexpected and eyegrabbing installation.

Los Angeles, CA